Moon & Associates, Inc.provides building & zoning code consultation services to architects, builders, and property owners.  Our code consultation services identify design discrepancies and potential complexities before design or construction.  Due to various interpretations of building codes and other peculiarities of the permit process, we guide and advise the best approach and solutions to build a code compliant project.  Many cities have recently adopted ordinance regulating the quantity of earth work and storm water mitigation.  Moon & Associates has the expertise to implement and negotiate with the regulatory agencies and navigate through all areas of the intricate bureaucratic process.

Code Consultation

Services offered

Moon & Associates, Inc.

  • Code Conflict Resolution And Code Compliance
  • Code Interpretation And Equivalency Formulation
  • Alternate Material And Method Of Compliance
  • Site Investigation And Surveys
  • Plan Review And Inspection
  • Means Of Egress Analysis
  • Appeals And Variances
  • Entitlement Process
  • Discretionary Public Hearing Process
  • Expert Witness And Litigation Support